Economic Tax Package

Investors in Deep C/DVIZ are entitled to the best tax package in Vietnam applied to Economic Zones only. This tax package is provided automatically and unconditionally.

Corporate Income Tax

First 15 years from your first commercial invoice: 10%
Of these 15 years:

  • First 4 years: 100% exemption

  • Subsequent 9 years: 50% reduction

Personal Income Tax

50% reduction to the normal rate, applied for the whole project lifetime.


Import and export tax for enterprises with 100% export

Import and export duty exemption for enterprises with 100% export (subject to list of equipment promulgated from time to time).
Free VAT for import/export activities:

  • For overseas purchase raw material

  • For local purchase or raw material

  • For overseas purchase of machinery, equipment (fixed assets), which are not locally produced

  • For local purchase of machinery (fixed assets)

  • For local purchase of material to build the factory (fixed assets)

  • For overseas export of finished goods

The above mentioned tax information is based on prevailing legislations and subject to further update from time to time.