Infrastructures And Services

Tenants in Deep C/DVIZ may rest assured that utilities are available as per their requests. Electricity, gas, steam and water, waste water treatment are provided in the right quantity and quality to best suit your demand. All utilities are connected at the border of the land plots.

Your ease of doing business is our aim. We have made continuous investment to improve the utilities services that we offer. Since 2013 we have invested in over 7km of roads, a state of the art LED street lighting, a 22kV underground electricity distribution network, a fire hydrant system and the upgrade of the waste water treatment plant to 6,500m3/day.


  • Source: the national (220kV) and regional (110kV) grids;

  • Capacity: 626MVA: 2x250MVA/2x63MVA;

  • Equipment: sourced from reputable manufacturers: LS cable (subsidiary of LG), ABB switchgear;

  • Distribution: Uninterrupted and highly reliable underground system;

  • Connection points: indoor, fully insulated locked cabinets;

  • Quality control: 24/7 monitoring with quality management software and onsite operation team; clients are separated into zones to avoid cross-impacts.

  • Dinh Vu 220kV Substation
  • 22kV Power Cabinets for Clients
  • Daily operation in Power Cutting Station No.3

Water and Waste Water

  • Treated water capacity: 20,000 m3/day

  • Raw water capacity: 25,000 m3/day

  • Waste water treatment capacity: 6,500 m3/day

  • Only Industrial Zone in Northern Vietnam having a Waste water treatment plant with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Our entrusted partner – Infra Induss Vietnam (IIV), with the backing of over 130 years of experience in supplying water utilities to the city of Antwerp, Belgium and the largest petrochemical cluster in Europe, has now brought their expertise to Deep C/ DVIZ to further improve the services provided to our tenants. The main services of IIV includes:

  • Supply of Industrial water

  • Collection and central treatment of waste water

  • Management, operation and maintenance of water services

The IIV’s Special Projects Team is also at the disposal of customers to work out custom and turnkey solutions including:

  • The production of steam

  • The production of demineralised water

  • On-site waste water pre-treatment facilities.

  • Air picture of Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Our ISO certified Waste Water Treatment Plant

Firefighting Water

  • Fire hydrants: ring the whole zone at every 150m

  • Underground HDPE pipe loop network

  • Capacity: ~480m3/hour, pressurised at 5-7 bar.

  • Source: reservoir with capacity of 1,000m3

  • Redundant pumping system.

Fire fighting demonstration on Liquids Jetty

Fire fighting demonstration on Liquids Jetty

Drainage System

  • Network of flap gate, underground concrete pipes and 2km long open channels buffer system.

  • Capacity: 77,000m3/day


Open drainage channel

Security services

  • The operation and business activities of our tenants are guarded 24/7 by a trained security team.

  • Continuous patrols are carried out day and night with intensive checkpoints appropriately distributed throughout the industrial zone.

  • Only registered or authorized vehicles are granted access to the zone to avoid potential adverse interference from external traffic.

Green zone

A well-kept surrounding will give a better working environment as well as a better impression to the guests and clients visiting our tenants. Since 2013, our tenants have been enjoying over 18 hectares covered in greenery with over 3,000 trees planted in the proximity of their manufacturing base. This is maintained regularly by our dedicated team to retain a tidy zone for everyday operation and special events of the clients.

  • DVIZ’s Green Zone
  • Grass Cutting Activity