International & Local Expertise

Infra Induss Vietnam (IIV)

The water utilities services in Deep C/DVIZ are provided by our entrusted partner – Infra Induss Vietnam. With the backing of over 130 years of experience in supplying water utilities to the city of Antwerp, Belgium, and the largest petrochemical cluster in Europe, IIV is now in charge of the water distribution, waste water collection and treatment in Deep C/DVIZ. Additional services are also available, including the production of steam, demineralised water and on-site pre-treatment facilities. The service level towards Deep C/DVIZ’s clients is hence increased, and Deep C/DVIZ can establish its position as the lead industrial zone in Northern Vietnam with smart water utility supply.

InfraAsia Investment and Rent-A-Port

InfraAsia Investment is our major shareholder and is owned by Rent-A-Port, an engineering and investment company based in Antwerp, Belgium, operating Belgium’s premier ports: Ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Ostend. The marine terminal located in DVIZ/Deep C I was designed, financed and supervised by Rent-A-Port in 1999. With a liquids jetty of 10,000DWT to 20,000DWT, and a supporting pipe rack system linking the jetty and the clients’ plants, the facility has now become an extremely successful marine terminal in Northern Vietnam, serving over 30 clients in Deep C/DVIZ’s Petrochemical Park.

International Port Engineering and Management (IPEM)

The land in Deep C/DVIZ is reclaimed over the sea. Our partner, IPEM, brings their expertise in land reclamation to developing our land using a hydraulic sand filling technique. Not only does this method offer a better compaction level of the soil, through careful selection of the sand source and close monitoring of the sand delivery, we can ensure the sand being used for the filling is non-contaminated. This method has a wide variety of applications for infrastructure construction projects and is the fastest and most effective technology for land reclamation or development.

Deep C/DVIZ Investment Support Team

We understand that going through all the procedures and formalities in setting up your business might be challenging, especially when you are not local and have little familiarity with such process in Vietnam. Therefore, our team always make the best endeavours to provide clients with assistance and advice for investment certificate application as well as post investment license services. We act as a bridge connecting you and the local authorities, giving you clear directions on what steps to be followed, what types of documents are needed, who to submit your dossier to. This support is provided to ensure hassle-free company set up for our clients:

  • Guidance and assistance on Investment license application and submission

  • Guidance on post-Investment license procedures

  • Investment incentives advice

To give you a better understanding of the procedures involved in your company establishment, we have included an Investment Guide section on this website. Please click here for more information.

Haiphong People’s Committee

Deep C/DVIZ has a strategic partnership with Haiphong People’s Committee (HPPC). HPPC represents the Haiphong Authorities in the project, and provides strong support for the development of Deep C/DVIZ in all respects. Together we facilitate investments into Deep C/DVIZ Industrial Zones, and thereby into Haiphong city, hence contribute to the economic development of the region. An investor in DVIZ will be welcomed not only as a new company but also as a new client to the city.