Premium Location

Deep C/DVIZ is located at the centre of Haiphong’s infrastructure development projects, including the new International Cat Bi Airport, Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port and Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway. Hence, our tenants can benefit from a unique location with intermodal connectivity which equals to significant savings on transportation costs.


Haiphong city centre

7km to Haiphong city centre.

A market of 2 million people

A labour force of 1.3 million people.


Abundant and skilful labour force

Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port

Located right next to Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port, the largest port in the North of Vietnam.
Area: 184.5ha
Draft: -14m
Vessels: up to 100,000TUE
8 berths for container, general and bulk cargo

  • Lach Huyen Port – Construction Progress August 2015
  • Lach Huyen Port – Artist Impression

Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway

Direct connection with Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway
105km long, 33m wide, 2×3 lanes
Reducing Hanoi – Haiphong travel time to 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Linking Deep C Industrial Cluster with other cities in Northern Vietnam.

  • Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway
  • Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway

Cat Bi International Airport

Closest to Cat Bi International Airport, with expected flights routes to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Design Capacity: 4-5million passengers annually, may be expanded to 7-8 million; annual cargo of 250,000 tons.

  • Cat Bi Airport – Artist Impression
  • Cat Bi Airport – Artist Impression

Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Bridge

Direct access to Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Bridge under construction, connecting the existing DVIZ /Deep C and Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port.
Total length: 15.6km
Bridge length: 5.44km
Expected completion date: 2017

  • Tan Vu Bridge – Construction Progress May 2015
  • Tan Vu Bridge – Construction Progress September 2015

International Dinh Vu Port

Direct access to an International General Port.
Area: 130 ha
Draft: -7m
Vessels: up to 20,000DWT and 50,000DWT in lightening conditions
11 berths for containers, general and bulk cargo

Dinh Vu Port