Prime Industrial Land

Our Master Plan fits all types of business activities, from general industry, to petrochemical and light industries. We also offer to our clients land plots of flexible sizes depending on clients’ demand. Thus, whether you are building a large factory or a small workshop, whether you will be operating a manufacturing plant or a petrochemical terminal, we will be able to accommodate your needs:

  • Fully compensated land

  • Each plot of land is hydraulically filled with sand in accordance with the Master Plan

  • The land is levelled within a range of ±15cm to the level of the Master Plan

  • Marked with cornerstones in accordance with the land survey

  • Utilities connections are provided up to the border of the land plot.


Land fully levelled with cornerstones, ready for handover

Click on the zones below to discover our Deep C/DVIZ Prime Industrial Cluster of +2000ha